PACT's Philosophy

"Photography helps people to see." - Berenice Abbott

Life is complex - our world, beautiful. 

My challenge is to show all the complexity and beauty with the simplicity of a photograph.

My goal behind the lens is simple. What I am seeing, experiencing and feeling – I want to share.

Having started out using a traditional Pentax K1000 film camera, digital photography opened a whole new world of versatility, creativity and expression.

As a film and television location scout for over 20 years, I developed an inquisitive nature, looking at our world from a variety of different perspectives. A desire was created to share the experiences of discovering people, places and things found while scouting the province of Ontario, Canada.

While travelling the world and exploring the concept of art through photography, I’ve found enjoyment in sharing with audiences the beauty of nature, culture, architecture and the exhilaration of being part of behind the scenes. As a life long equestrian and animal lover it was only natural that the focus of my photography would gravitate towards our equine friends and equestrian events. Honoured with the title “visual storyteller” by a popular equine photographers organization, I look forward to assisting you with creative photography to capture your special moments and events.

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