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Pacific Rim Soaring Washington State

"Photography helps people to see." - Berenice Abbott

PACT Photography emerged from an inquisitive nature and a 25 + year career in film & television location scouting. Recognizing that some experiences are just so unique, so unexpected, so amazing that what is being seen, experienced and felt are calling to be shared. With opportunities to travel the world, I am inspired to show all of life’s complexity, beauty and the art of humanity through the simplicity of a photograph. Having started out using a traditional Pentax K1000 film camera, digital photography opened a whole new world of versatility, creativity and expression ... and as a life long equestrian, it was only natural that often the focus of my photography gravitate towards our equine friends and equestrian events. Influenced by fearless photographers such as Margaret Bourke-White, Dorothea Lange and Berenice Abbott - women whose work truly showed the real world as it is, exposing and humanizing, who have helped generations to understand, empathize, experience and relate through photographs.
Real life is candid - moments that just happen ... ones you want never to forget ... ones you 

want to hold onto - ones you want to have "photographed". 


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