Spring 2021

Ah, the beginning of May - show schedules have been finalized and competitors

have determined which competitions they will be attending. Show gear has been

brought out and cleaned, repaired - standing by to load and go. Riders are sure

their hours of training, persistence and perseverance are going to pay off this year.

This is the year everything is going to come together. There is anticipation and


I think this photograph illustrates an element of showing that is often overlooked

or just taken for granted. The social aspect. More than just competition or an

avenue to test you and your horses’ skills, showing creates an environment of

camaraderie. You have the support of trainers, grooms, family and friends

whether you’ve had a great show day or a not so great show day. Seeing others

you haven’t seen in months, catching up on people’s lives and sharing a laugh.

Here we are at the beginning of the Spring show season and many are living

in areas where Covid has created lock down situations - still waiting to see whether

the show season will be a go or a bust. We’re frustrated, feeling like we’re in a

holding pattern - and not just for horse shows, but often for much of life’s former daily

routines, future goals and objectives. I’m sure mentally and emotionally, we are

all feeling a little fragile by now and in some circumstances, a little disappointed (OK a lot


So share words of encouragement and self nurture - go for a pleasure ride and

enjoy the partnership you have with your horse without the stress of competition. There’s

so much more to being an equestrian than competing.

Hopefully, we’re on the right track to tame Covid, the shows will be up and running and

we’ll see you at the in gate sooner rather than later.

Be well and stay safe.

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