Matthew Belanger

Matt started his journey as a health & wellness intern at Kalu Yala based out of San Miguel, Panama. Living both in rural Central America while exploring the mountainous jungles near the encampment; Matt rediscovered a level of connectivity and peace that was all but forgotten after decades of city living and conditioning. 

After returning to Canada, Matt pursued certification through the International Association of Wellness Professionals as a Holistic Wellness Coach. Later Matt acquired certifications from both Precision Nutrition and CanFitPro as a means of developing a greater understanding of how movement and nutrition play deeper roles in the totality of one’s well-being from both a physiological and biochemical perspective.


Feeding into his deep desire to serve others, Matthew derives great fulfillment from helping clients grow through their personal limitations. Patience, Positivity, and Perseverance are the three P’s Matthew stands by when educating and guiding clients to cultivate and implement new habits and behaviours that better serve them in creating more enriching and sustainable lifestyles.  

GreaterMerit was Matthew’s first venture with the primary objective of helping people to address their personal experiences of Anxiety and Depression by sharing and educating them on the healing modalities freely found in nature. GreaterMerit has also sponsored local community development projects such as "The Little Free Pantry", teaming with organizations and individuals alike in developing greater bonds and resources for communities.

A recent graduate of Fanshawe College’s Adventure Expedition and Interpretive Leadership program; Matthew continues to further his education and will begin studies at the University of British Columbia in September of 2021 with a directed focus toward the social sciences.


With his desire to experience the Canadian culture in-depth, he decided to make the move from Kitchener, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia traveling by motorcycle, allowing time to see the country and meet the people who call Canada home. 

Continuing with his life's theme of sharing experiences, Matt is documenting his trip across Canada - allowing us to travel vicariously along with him. 

Follow his journey and enjoy the ride --

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